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A New Life Era by SonAmyFan362

I had a hunch something was up when Sonic made Amy Jr. turn around to face him. Sonic warns his daughter that Hacker might get suspicious of her when she's around Moe. Sonic gets a bit of a wake up call when his daughter tells him how she feels about Moe.

-> As Sonic finishes, Amy Jr. smiles and responds with, “Well, he’s cute, can whip a joke out of any sentence, and is smart. I tell ya, Dad, Moe has a way to make my day, no matter how bad it gets.” <- Epic foreshadowing.

-> The Hacker thinks how he is going to word it for a few moments. “Well, let’s see. A month ago, at the playground, the public one, a girl decided to talk to Moe. You know? Amelia? She’s a good friend of his. At any rate, Amy Jr. ran up to them. She pushed the girl away from Moe and told Amelia that Moe was busy. As soon as Amelia left, Amy Jr. kept watching the girl as she left. Don’t tell me this has no meaning. I think she may be attached to our son, as I get a feeling her ‘Birthday Present’ doesn’t come in stores!” <- A very strong piece of evidence that there's something obviously fishy going on.

I think Amy Jr. should decide for herself on whether or not she wants Moe. However, I am more than 90% certain she wants more than a mere friendship with Moe. I dunno. Call me a shipper, but, I'll chance it.

To those who disagree with my views about Amy Jr. taking a liking to Moe, tell me why you're opposing the pairing. Sure, they're different animal species. However, that isn't the big picture, in my eyes. I think that as long as they respect one another and make each other happy, they can do as they wish. I have no qualms about them getting together, someday.
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